No More bullying! Share Your Story


Have you ever felt... Alone..depressed...unwanted even? Say no more to bullying of any type. It doesn't deserve to be led on and passes around. But THIS GROUP DOES!! Have you ever been bullied? Even if you haven't you can still join to help stop bullying.

Everywhere you turn you see it, bullying and it's not right. Feel free to share your story here and you will gain EVERYONE'S support. You just have to seek help, and everything will be alright. Talk about it.

Now I'm not forcing you to share your story, but if it helps, I will share mine.

Please join and share and spread the word around. Once I get over 100 group members here I will try to go public (your story will not go public) and I will try my best to help stop bullying in schools and work places.

Now I may only be a teen, of a young age, but I know what it feels like to be unwanted, and I don't want that to happen to you.

I will reach out, and help and try the best that I possibly can.


God be with you all...

thank you. (please share on Pintrest and or other sites

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