Nouveau Novelists


Welcome to Nouveau Novelists! We are a community of writers dedicated to displaying our poems, stories, and other writings for our fellow members to review, rate, and critique! This group is open membership, so if you're ready, join us!

We also have a chat where we can get together, discuss ideas, joke around, and have fun! Link is below.

We have a variety of activities that we do every month (or whenever one is requested). It can range from contests, group hangouts, brainstorming, and much more! Got an idea? Feel free to bring it to me, TakingFlyte, via mail.

FAQ and Rules will be located in the forums, along with what to do if you are a new member.

Every week or so, we will make a thread welcoming our newest members from that particular week. If I missed someone, let me know! I hate having people feel left out.

Enjoy your stay, and happy writing! <3

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