Overly Attached Book Writers


Do you have one or more books in progress? Do you constantly think about your characters, your story, and things you want to happen at some point? Are your characters practically your close friends in your head? Have you even made a Facebook, Twitter, etc for at least one of your characters?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then this is a good group for you! Come bond with writers who are just as strange as you and the group creator!

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Tsukin Archangel

Tsukin Archangel

Palmdale, CA

Currently writing: Mumble



A.M. Victoria (LostWritings)

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Character Anthems (for music lovers among us)

SpeedyHobbit Armstrong

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Review the Person Above You

SpeedyHobbit Armstrong

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Author Twitters and Tumblrs

SpeedyHobbit Armstrong

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Howdy partners


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