Pairing Up Poetry


Hello and welcome to Pairing Up Poetry! In this group we write poems together. Here is how it's done:
*I pair people up 3 times a month

*I put a message in the forum asking who would like to be paired up at that time. (So if you are busy and can't do it that time a month, you can do it later that month when we pair up again)

*After I pair you up with someone, you'll message each other and write a poem together (There is no dead line for getting a poem in).

*After the poem has been written and named, one of you send me that poem, then I will post it in a special spot in the forum where your name and your partners name will be at.

*You may post this poem on one or both of you profiles as long as you have asked your partner first.

*If you get a partner that is negative, is never online to write your poem together, or anything else you think needs to be reported, tell me. They may get deleted from our group.

*You can see other passed pairing and there writing in the forum.

If you have any questions, message we here:


New Writing

Ascension Ascension

A Poem by BLitZeD

Addicted Addicted

A Poem by terry smith

Stalker Stalker

A Poem by Jesse Pruett

Aster Aster

A Poem by SpiceCookie

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Anxious girl, happy thoughts.



November 4, 2015 - November 14, 2015


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October 8, 2015 - October 24, 2015

Scary Poems!

Pairing Up Poetry!

June 8, 2015 - September 30, 2015

Pairing Up Poetry!