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Flash mob reviewing!!!

We all know what it is like to be a struggling writer, trying desperately to find an audience, wondering if your work will ever get noticed! Especially on those days we all have that make us need to write in the first place.

This group is about spreading some light and positivity, using the power of community. The key concept here is that we focus the spotlight on others. It is about spreading good will and branching out into works and writers you may not have sampled yet.

The idea here is simple: we will periodically use the flash mob concept to bombard one selected deserving work by an underappreciated writer. It is essentially the same concept used by small towns to give their locally owned businesses some much-needed cash flow. A large group shows up at the same time and date to each buy one small item form a local store. Call this a good-hearted measure aimed at providing some deserving writer with a flood of feedback on his or her writing- a whole grunch of us all show up to give one review to a single piece of work on the same day. No other commitments.

Criteria for underappreciated writing:

-shows good usage of grammar, punctuation, etc.
-shows skill and mastery of the form
-less than ~150 views
-less then 12-15 reviews

Here is how it works:

1) We rely on YOU to find the hidden gems of the WC. Use the discussion board of the group to suggest a piece of someone else's for reviewing, or post a work of your own to the site for consideration.

2) As moderator of the site, I will periodically (once a week and a half or so) select a submitted work, and send a group-wide e-mail with the date for the flash mob. I will try to give 24 hours notice.

3) Of course no-one can force you to participate, but the more reviews a piece gets, the greater the impact for the chosen writer.

4) Since we are all on different time zones, the targeted time is a suggestion... within 12 hours or post the targeted time is sufficient for the purpose of spreading good will.

5) It is like Las Vegas. What happens here, stays here. Let them wonder. If you think they are flash mob material, invite them to join. Ask them to keep the secret, and invite only members who can be trusted to keep the secret handshake. This is to make it exactly what it is supposed to be... FUN! All suggestions will be public, but I will never make public what pieces were selected. That information will come by e-mail.

6) I reserve the right to approve members and to delete them for bad behavior. This is for the protection of all members and the group's reputation.

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