Pure Rhymes


A group made for the simple sake of gathering together a small band of writers who want to get back to the essence of pure rhymes and writing...

All are welcome... Even if you think you are not the keenest at rhyming... A love for words is all that is required

-Learn together
-Weekly contests
-Help edit/review work
-Have fun writing

Cause that is what it is all about in the end...

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(Last edited: 11/11/2017)

We have a site...!

Thanks for all the support guys...! Been crushed with real life stuff I need to take care of... Apart from my busy schedule right now... Really am trying to be around as much as I can!

Will have a writing contest and some open-forum ideas going within the next week...! Be sure to check the website...! Zero obligation, just lots of laid-back room for growth

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Denver, CO

Hii, everyone! Slowly getting the site off the ground, and a..


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