Read Swop!


This name suggests it all! A platform for writers to swap their stories with one another!
Well, what do I mean? Simple!
You put up a story in the writing list below. Read someone else's story and he will read yours in exchange. Hence the swop.
Here are the Do's:
1. Be nice to others... Well, just don't be an a*s.
2. If you are commenting one someone's story please put the 'ReadSwop' before writing your comment. E.g. ReadSwop: I find your story... Blah.
3. If you are returning the favor, please put a 'Swopped' before continuing with your comment. E.g Swooped: Well, the story that you've written is...
The Don'ts:
1. One story per 2 weeks. The writing list will be cleared every second Sunday.
2. Spam the forum.
3. Spam ad-ing your stories.

And Lastly, do check out the forums now and then... I'll be using it as a 'chat box' and notification thingy for the things that I'mma gonna do to the writing list and so on.

Do voice out so that we can always improve. If not, keep swapping ;). Its gonna be fun.

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Writing List:

Winston Tan

1 Post

Do Read This

Winston Tan

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