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Ok so this is simple, I get so many read-requests, and many multiple read request from those certain few. I know we all have them on our friends list, the ones who we enjoy their work, but are overwhelmed by their ability to express themselves every minute of every day. I just cleaned out my read request box after a long break. I came back and there was no way I could catch up. I noticed while dredging away through the writings there was a certain few who took up most of the space; I mean like four people who drowned out the rest of you.
So I propose this group, it is a referral group. Don’t post your work here; send a link to the page of a write you have been succumbed too. I want links here that you could not believe that this piece is not published in a major publication, like you think this write is worth money…
Simple and easy, not your work, but a piece you just have to talk about and share…

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