This for people who have, or are trying to self published their own work or anyone who is interested in self publishing and wants advice from fellow writers. We can get you great information on your first steps and answer any questions you might have. I am NOT a company! I am simply a self published author myself who is tired of others thinking self publishing is simply 'vanity' or 'trophy' hunting.
So what if you want a trophy? So what if you want to see your finished work in book form. You have written your own story, why not have a permanent piece of your work?
I simply publish my own books and pay a company to do the media release for me home and abroad. It doesn't cost thousands of dollar's or pounds as some people nievely think. Please don't be concerned about putting your work on here. No copying will be tolerated of any others work and the person involved will be removed immediately. Any work posted here belongs solely to the author of that work.
This group will not tolerate nasty, vindictive comments. I have created this group to free people of others who ridicule them for their work.
Hope you will enjoy the friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

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