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new here

2 Years Ago

Hi everyone, I need a little help here. I have tried to create a vampire that is not the norm that you would see in films and read in books, I have tried to make him have some what human traits where he battles with the demon inside of him along with his bad side. But because of this I am struggling a little bit with making him scary at the same time.
Any inputs thanks

Re: new here

2 Years Ago

Hi, I'm new here as well. What I would do is think of someone that you know (or don't know) that is kind of "disturbing." what attributes do they have. I've used that trick before doing the same thing. Also, if the vampire is intended to be attractive, a buff and large body is always intimidating. I personally think this would be a good description--- He stands tall and walks with his head down all the time. He has dark jet black hair that nearly covers his redish brown eyes. He's pale with big defined muscles and tattoos on his arms and a tattoo of a vampire bite on the side of his neck. His fangs aren't always out, but only when his vampire temptations or anger sets in that they unsheathe. I don't know that's just my opinion, hope it helps! :)