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Welcome to the Southern Horror Writers Association. The offical site will be up sometime this week or next. We are now looking for members to do work for the magazine Southern Grave Diggers which we hope to have in print by fall. Looking for someone to do book reviews, movie reviews, artist, short story writers and dark poetry. I will posting submission guidelines by next week on here and on the offical site. Over seeing members of the association are as follows: John Parker, Heather Parker, Phil Kuhlman and Alexander Quinn, David L. Price and Stan Baucom....this group is not only for southern horror wirters.....this association is for up coming horror writers and also for established horror writers.....we are here to help and strengthen the horror field and make it grow.........if you are interested please request to become hopefully one of the fast growing groups on the I said the website will be up soon and we will be gearing up to get the magazine into print.......we will be running contests for short stories, poems and spots to become full time writers for the magazine.......

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Alexander W. Quinn

Alexander W. Quinn

Corneria, Canada

I'm new


Dark Poetry

February 27, 2008 - April 1, 2008

Dark Poetry


Who made you?

Phil Kuhlman

10 Posts

spring fever and writing


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No Subject


6 Posts

Tales from the Crypt or Tales from the Darkside?

John Parker

4 Posts

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