The Abbeyians


I hope this group is introduced to you in a positive and welcoming way. Please note this group is whatever you make it, there is no intention to discriminate or exclude.
This group is for writers, readers, adventurers, or people of any kind who are "naturally different". This meaning someone who is different at heart, their uniqueness is inevitable, and their perceptions of life are different than those of the average. These people, are called Abbeyians. Created by Laurielle Aleah, but an Abbeyian may only choose to be called such a name if they please. For some people of indifference do not like to be categorized, but please note the name is only for clarification of who we are, not for the sake of it being known to society. Abbeyians may be people who have mental illnesses, but gifts as well, such as savants or people with ADD. Abbeyians could also be people who just appear to be normal like those around them, but behind closed doors they live in a world unlike any other. Abbeyians are people who do not belong, and have treasures upon treasures locked up in the shadows of their souls.
Also, members of this group, this group is for any purpose. You can share your story, write poetry about it, etc.

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