The Aetherdale Project


Hey guys! Writerscafe noob Annabelle here! Calling all fantasy writers!

My idea is to make a community of writers who are passionate about fantasy and create a shared mythos to which we all contribute.

I was thinking of having it set in Aetherdale, a kingdom of floating islands. Each writer can establish his or her own island and write about it in pieces which can be posted to this page :)
If your island is a steampunk metropolis, from which travelers take coal-powered airships from island to island, great! If it's a straight medieval township where citizens ride dragons or griffins from island to island, awesome! Let's flesh out this diverse and magical realm together!

We can roleplay in forums as characters from Aetherdale, write crossover stories about our islands, hold competitions, whatever you guys want! So come on, get involved now! ;)

- Love, Annabelle <3

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Realm Rules?


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