The Capricious Love


*Updated on Oct-20-2014
It`s been a month to "The Capricious Love" &, I`ve got great results from this group so, yeah, as I`ve mentioned ya below, i`d now continue this group and would be arranging some more creative writing groups.

Thanks for being a part of this group!
Love has many ways to be loved from across the wide globe. And, our heart`s so poor the way having no idea where it blows to reach out what! But one thing`s sure, it blows to find its destiny & its destiny`s just hidden behind the fog of 'love'. So, what sorta love is it ... Is it `bout lust? Is it full of 'eroticism'? How you make love when the sky gets covered behind the dark shades of nights? If you find happiness in love then what`s it that makes you sad---"A broken piece of an old leaf?" Love could be `bout "one night stand" so, if it stands for one night.. then how would you define such love? Love`s love, it gives happiness as well as brings you the tuft of pain. If it`s a stress reliever then it, of course, injects the drops of aches in your unkind heart. Does "eroticism" matter for the world? If yes, then why most of the people fear to face it? If the promises`re made to be broken then, why it`s so necessary to make promises in love to be lived together for life? What kinda love is it!! And, what it needs? Does it only crave for "emotions", "feelings" & "heartaches" or it only wants "peace", "pain" & "memories"--the memories which get faded away with time? If the love`s immortal then what makes it "capricious" for love sake? And on .. and on ... Ask yourself such questions related to love. Put yourself in the world of love, lust & darkness where even you`ve already been once or twice .. or thrice .. or may be, countless times & in return... what you`ve all got is "pain" so, what is it? Because, you already know, when you`d put your first step in the ocean of love, it`d given you what all you`d intended to earn. Then what something happened which put your around the corners of tearful days? If you`d found glory in love in your past, then why it becomes a reason of your pain in your present? What makes it "capricious"? What the love`s being desperate for? How would you define "love"--A love that changes your whole life just in a second?And... on & on .. Ask yourself the answer of each & every question & let me know, what you think.. what you believe and how you walk through the winds of love. You can even ask more questions to your life.. to your hearts and put your thoughts into the words & share the depth of your opinions with this group to get explored.

You put your opinions in this group, arrange new threads, be a participant of learning something new from others and letting others know your own perspectives `bout love, write to forums/fill the forums & share your thoughts with other creative writers & take some time (only 15-minutes) to make some conversations with them to learn & earn & explore your thoughts for the passion of being creative.

My words: "Learning never dies. More you learn, more you explore the world."

Every individual`s creative, talented and having a way to change the course of world with words. Every spirit has something to say.. to express what the heart wants it to. So, believe in yourself and pull a chair & write away with smiles.

My words: "Days & Nights`re made to get turned into another shimmery shades of "Days" & "Nights".
-Be a light at night.
-Be a shade of night in light.
-And... hear what the universe`s sending to you.

This creative group`s only for a month. If I get a great response from you then i`d continue this blog or i`ll be arranging more such creative groups to know more `bout love.

If you have any query related to this blog. You may kindly leave me a mail. I hope to soon get to on this.

Thanks for having some patience. We`ll meet after a month. Enjoy the ride of writing!

So long!

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