The Dragon Riders


Long ago Dragon Riders ruled the world with Dragons by their sides as friends. Dragons were the bestfriend to humankind. The Dragon Riders kingdom, Ailican, was the pinnacle of the world. But alas, every Kingdom falls at some point in time. The dark days of the Kingdom of Ailican were upon them as the Black Sword Riders approached. The Black Sword Riders were the most evil of Dragon Riders and would turn their dragons into monsters that destroyed. The Black Swords destroyed the Kingdom of Ailican. They destroyed every Dragon Rider, or so they thought.

Citizens fled the Kingdom with their children, but only a certain amount made it out alive. Each parent gave their child to a different type of dragon, and one day, those children would become the greatest Dragon Riders in the world, and save the world from the Black Sword Riders.

Ice Dragon
Sky Dragon
Light Dragon
Water Dragon

Pick a dragon, make your Riders profile and Dragons profile, and SEND it to AVANGELINE before posting! Thank you!

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