The Pros and Cons of Hydraulic Lifts


In the recent era of growing vehicles, parking is coming out as a huge problem to address. It has become a reflex for everyone to find a safe parking spot when visiting any space. One of the greatest inventions of the 19th century can be considered elevators but what if you include elevators for parking your vehicles? Yes, that’s what car lift for parking is all about. It utilizes elevator technology for parking management. Basically, there are three types of car or vehicle lifts including, hydraulic lifts, electric traction lifts, and machine room-less lifts. While each one of these types of lifts has its own set of pros and cons, the hydraulic elevator is one of the most commonly used in the modern society because of its feasibility to be accommodated in both industrial and residential locality.
Car lifts Broward of hydraulic type works on Pascal’s principle of transmission of fluid-pressure. The fluid compression power generated by the lift is used for control and power of the elevator. In simpler words, a hydraulic lift works with the help of an electrically powered pump, which pushes pressurized fluid into a jack lifting system. Pistons within a cylinder at the base of the lift then power the elevator car up and down. It is commonly employed and favored by people everywhere.
Here are some of the pros and cons of installing hydraulic lifts at your place:
Pros of Hydraulic Lifts:
1. These are comparatively cheaper than the other elevator types.
2. These occupy less space and can be installed in even smaller areas.
3. The efficiency of hydraulic lift is unbeatable and possess a great lifting strength for heavier loads.
4. You do not need a specialized machine room for installing the elevator. The load of the elevator is distributed evenly to load-bearing walls.
Cons of Hydraulic Lifts:
1. Speed can be considered the biggest drawback of a hydraulic elevator. It cannot move faster than 150 feet per minute.
2. These are relatively noisier than other elevator systems.
3. The hydraulic oil emits an unpleasant odor when it is overused.
Apart from the above-mentioned cons, the hydraulic lifts are still considered a better option than the other elevator systems. The modifications, such as a two-tier or three-tier lift can be installed as per suitability. Preferred Hydraulic Solutions headquartered in Miami specializes in light and heavy duty car lifts both above-ground and in-ground as well as home garage lifts, scissor lifts, alignment racks, and much more. You can know more about them at or email at

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