The Resilient


This is a place to bring your darkest secrets. Your deepest regrets. Your happiest moments. How you feel about yourself. It is a place for us to reveal ourselves to each other, fully, and be completely honest with each other. Where we can bond together into a team, a family. Where you can get help with things no one else understands. A place where you can talk about stuff in the forums, stuff you can't talk about with anyone else. A place to be together. A place of care. I will personally kick anyone out or tell them to leave if they violate this. People don't usually show the parts of themselves my group asks them too. And therefore, my group will be a place of unity and togetherness. We WILL NOT be at each other's throats. No cutting each others throats no matter what anyone says. If you have a problem, all parties must explain their view of the situation to me via email, and I will solve it. This group is a place for the depressed. The happy. The sad. The mad. The glad. The alone. The popular. EVERYONE. Any writing is accepted; unless it is harmful to others, all words and things people say is accepted and met with advice, help, and encouragement. This group is a place for the broken and the whole. The honest parts of who we are and what we've done. A group to grow. A group to be together. And help. Forever. A group for The Resilient. Join if you want. Join if you are one of us.

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Is There Heaven and Hell?


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Hey guys

Matthew Ginn

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Any idea where Blade is?

Ishita Dixit

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Dealing with Guilt, or Stress

The Representative

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