The RolePlay Society


This is where all role play begins, the RolePlay Society. We do all sorts of roleplay, and anyone, especially roleplay fanatics are invited to join!

Each week I will post a new roleplay to do that week, and I am taking requests. Before each roleplay, there will be a "Characters" forum. In order to participate in the roleplay, you must enter a character.

Roleplays start Sunday each week, and run until midnight Saturday. To enter in the roleplay, you must complete your character profile before Sunday. If it is any later, message me and I'll try to find a way to fit you in.

Also, "Character" Forums will be posted the Wednesday a week before the roleplay, to give you time to join.


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Fantasy RP


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Sixth Roleplay: Murder Mystery


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Sixth Roleplay: Characters


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Third Roleplay: Intergalactic War


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