The Stories of Untraceable


A group for official/fan stories from Untraceable, a ROBLOX based game.

Once long ago in a solar system long forgotten, two brilliant planets chased each other around a star. They were cold, frozen, little liquid water was to be found. Silicon lay in great deposits… In the air, in the rocks. The organisms built their bodies out of it, becoming like no creatures ever to walk the Earth. As their star grew older and their climate warmed, they learned how to harvest silicon from stone for when ice began thaw, water dissolved what was in the air.However, their destiny was far from what joyus. One fateful day, the first planet crashed into the second, causing a wave of destruction and the mass extinction of these creatures, chunks of what ice was left and humongous rocks flew in every direction, hurtling through space. One such fragment, as did many others, held within it traces of these life forms, genetic material of different elements. A pattern that would not corrode with time. So as this chunk of ice and rock flew past a planet we are a bit more familiar with, a space probe from Earth took an ice core for examination. What they found was beyond belief. After decades of research, scientists were able to coax the material into replicating. They were in awe of what was created. Creatures from a planet long gone had been brought back by their hand. Populations were grown in a lab, attempts to see if it was possible to diversify them with time. It wasn’t too many decades before they were an attraction, living and dying behind glass. Centuries passed, and the humans could no longer sustain themselves on their planet. Its oil reserves were gone and its climate was in ruins. Without too much of a fuss, they left, and having no need to be careful of the Earth any longer, they allowed the alien species that had remained trapped for 300 years to roam free. Two of them held intelligence equal to that of the humans, and so they were left to inherit the ruined world. The dubbed basilisks or “cave crawlers” went underground and took the soil for their own. Networks now range across every continent, expertly designed impervious to cave-ins. The second species with an amazing intellect…. They were another story altogether. Some have said the resemble dogs or wolves… Others preferred to relate them to parrots. They had five limbs and a jaw like those of a canine, but their build was all they shared. They took every shape and size, but in common, they were beautiful. Vain, really. Their bodies grew everything from feathers to antennae. One could be scaled and another covered by soft, luxurious fur. A spined crest for show or iridescent webbing, these were common oddities… Rarely however, a jewel of a creature would come into being. Envision round, bioluminescent scales here and there embedded in a sea sleek feathers like those of a crow, and a tail with long strands like a horse’s but as thin and flowing as silk thread. These creatures walked the surface of the land. Unlike the basilisks, they were so taken with themselves that they found no greater pleasure than wandering the world, perhaps settling, or at least staying a while only in places with a luster that rivaled their own. While those that lurked in the caves made what they needed with what they had, the other was not a builder, but an architect. Anything made or done was to be looked at, the second species was a population artists and dreamers, theorists and philosophers. There exists not a more magnificent place than where a pack has chosen to raise its young, enhancing nature rather than destroying it, but in terms of functionality, they are weak. Their society is not one that improves, but one that is timeless. Together, these will create a new world order and reign over an era all their own.

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