The Trisaidian project


For those who wish to assist in creating a fictional world called Trisaidia. Trisaidia is an idea I've had for quite some time now, and is a world unlike our own. It's inhabitants are a sophisticated race of reptilian humanoid creatures that train in clans, what are they training for? Well, they train for the Katyra games which is held every year to please their king, Vesuvius. These games are nothing more than entertainment for him and his clan, and should any clan refuse to participate, vesuvius sees it as a sign of weakness. Each individual has a unique ability, some minor and some strong, but they only work if they've trained to use it. No one in their right mind would challenge Vesuvius and the clan he has formed over the years, because that would be asking for death. So that is just a tiny sample of the world anyone can assist in creating it, I'm doing this as a little fun for young writers with a wild imagination like my own. If anyone has questions about the first chapter or more plot information etc, message me and get involved. Peace.

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