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I just was kind of bored and decided to create this group for those of us out there who maybe don't get that many reviews and want a place to post your writings and get reviews. You can write in the forum about anything you want, post your writings to be reviewed and review each other. I'll create some contests spefically for this group so we can get some rewards. :D Please feel free to join and invite friends!

New Writing

9 Year Storm 9 Year Storm

A Poem by k

Lying is a sin Lying is a sin

A Poem by Zoe

Facedown Facedown

A Story by Contessa

Cosmic Hero Cosmic Hero

A Story by Contessa

Collision Course Collision Course

A Chapter by Ricky

My Hero My Hero

A Poem by R. J. North

Love... Love...

A Poem by Lydia Perri

Sunsets on Mars Sunsets on Mars

A Poem by Jay

Royalty Royalty

A Poem by Jay

Pretend Pretend

A Poem by Shuchita

Undone Undone

A Poem by Sunnyskies

Unforgettable Unforgettable

A Poem by Jay

Sirens Sirens

A Poem by Jay

War and Peace War and Peace

A Poem by Jay

Shallows Shallows

A Poem by Jay

Insecurities Insecurities

A Book by AnayaJ.

Midnight Midnight

A Poem by Jay

Suppressed Suppressed

A Story by AnayaJ.

The Move The Move

A Story by Elsa

She! She!

A Poem by Kunal Upreja

Expierience Expierience

A Story by Elsa

Let Me Go Let Me Go

A Poem by Elsa

The Doom Beast The Doom Beast

A Story by Elsa

The landing The landing

A Chapter by Pink Pastel

Genesis Genesis

A Poem by Nightfeather

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