The Valiant Fighters


Welcome to The Valiant Fighters. This one isn't the rp version. The roleplay version may come out soon and then again, maybe not. It depends.

Anyways, The Valiant Fighters are a group of people who like my series Valiant, based off of Erin Hunter's, Warrior series. Here we can trade ideas. And when I say trade, I mean a real trade. We bargain on the ideas. For example, lets say I had an amazing idea and someone else had a couple good ideas that put together matched my idea. I could give them the one amazing idea and then they would give me the couple good ideas. Get it? Cool right?

I will also make forums for the Warrior series so you can talk about them there. I can also make a Spoiler Alert forum if you want me to. And then maybe I'll make an rp group of Valiant Fighters or just make rp forums within this group. You tell me! Thanks for joining! I hope you'll become a Valiant Fighter!

By the way, the Valiant Fighters are fox.

~Avangeline. D

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