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Been away

9 Years Ago

I haven't been part of this group or the site for a while, but I thought I'd drop by and see what is going on.

I'm hoping to find some time to do some reading and post some new work.

How has everyone been?

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9 Years Ago

Don't feel bad, I have been busy myself...   But always answer when called...

Nick Anthony

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9 Years Ago

Just stopping in to say hello again and hope everyone is having a good summer...



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9 Years Ago

Doing the same... dropping by to say Hello! I know I've been completely absent but have been checking in randomly. Hope everyone is good! x

Re: Been away

8 Years Ago

Whoa Nelly.

I'm the moderator of this thing, and I never check it.

All I can plead is being busy with work, family, and, when I can, writing.

Getting more serious about the writing these days, as I'm worried about continued employment in these tough, tough times. All I need is one modest book contract, and I won't have to worry quite so much.

I'm still working on Brothers, never quit, but did have a slow YEAR of just simmering and figuring things out once I got to the middle (the MUDDLE) of the story. Too much real life got in the way of actual writing, but I'm now back in the saddle.

Lately I've been thinking about this poor old group, wondering if it can be revived.

I miss Loekie's participation. Nick just can't keep things going all by himself.

I hope everyone who's a member is still writing, and getting feedback from SOMEONE.

I might send out a message to the group as a whole, just to see if I can stir the pot a little.