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The Writer’s Games, sponsored by, is a series of Events announced weekly for two months. The unique thing about this contest is that teams of writers collaborate to create entries. Writers can choose a “sort me” option, join an open team, or create a new team. These teams compete in seven weekly Events, each focused on a specific aspect of writing such as comedy, character, etc. The Events are released near the end of the week and teams have 72 hours to write and submit their entries. Submissions are judged throughout the week, so the following weekend, winners are announced just hours before the next Event is posted. Every entry receives honest, unbiased feedback from a team of educated judges, making the contest suitable for writers of all stages The Writer's Games are really centered around helping writers improve while still having fun and being creative.
Register by July 31 to reserve your space on the score sheet. Go to now to get more information!

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