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They have to that their indulging for a few minutes on a pizza bread when they have to deal with in all the rest in the 23 hours and 15eyewear second day whatever I just said there on not be happy with the way the law you know I mean like I feel sorry for this don't feel sorry for me what I passed the bread bowl don't feel sorry for me when I pass on the chocolate cake don't feel sorry for me what I say you know I can eat this right now don't worry appall me worry about yourself saw we got a little off topic there but think you got some good points up guy saw we're here yeah health Performance Center the Katy help for senator and operated on here in Tehran I should be studying online hard to believe that more prompted yeahjuly introduce you to a 2002 just recently met online and got to love the Internet and up all that we get this problem out there about cell you guys do who you are what we ‘retrying to do two days before the show have left thesis the last minute that's okay I will get the job done hours hi I saw your day on more true body fitness here in Burlington Ontario delivered and basically going to do today with the Vince here is run a base looking at get a routine forum Palace pass the word his poses are the best soul you know when he hits a certain polo show is it going a lot faster his body shape Islamic and things like that so really bring out fans in what he's grotto show the package he has on us we want to bring today some I’m Tim lucky owner up you're missing link of the business also here in Burlington Ontario and the name that you're missing link it’s because you're only strong as your weakest link.

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