To his disguise assisting sliding injury


To his disguise assisting sliding injury and I miles so North going to try once again yes foresight him at work said by going to get to see this offseason I know that in the long term back to my own that's no knock on some the other now fun get me next now from here I like to learn it extensions this with one and I isolation love it you know training bring out make sure that left work this hard vice versa them got to be careful with these the Harlem got injured with my helpful handle too heavy China I Superior Muscle X brought my doing that day something you know people by you know yet Jan having we get to pressure like that remember that your body calendar national really genetically gifted not a good train ridiculous John J running not to mention you know at like 2am we overlook got to be smart play this game especially being youngest all those guys I want doing so I can hear here got a big step if you really going to be smart back her II yeah in I'm ok like back in are now Boise got to make a pass in just as good or better than a percent work go home..

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