To quote a favourite character of mine; “You’re only as good as the last a*s you kicked.”
I would like to adapt it to our writing world as; “You’re only as good as the last review you gave.”

The setup of this group has recently changed. Its purpose has not.

I cannot hold your hand, or spoon-feed you writing in a forced effort for you to review it. I have tried. You will all do whatever you will; I accept that.

As group creator/monitor/moderator I am stepping back, for a while if not permanently. I have removed the requirement for approval on writing. No weekly emails. No review quota to aim for.
You may do as you wish.

However, do try to remember that we are all authors. Everyone appreciates some input/insight on their work, as you would. Do not receive without return, and don’t forget; “You’re only as good as your last review.”

New Writing

icarus icarus

A Poem by toza

folly folly

A Poem by toza

Dagon Dagon

A Chapter by Aurafiex

Let Me Go Let Me Go

A Poem by Elsa

Expierience Expierience

A Story by Elsa

The Doom Beast The Doom Beast

A Story by Elsa

Ruby's Diary Ruby's Diary

A Story by Aurafiex

In A Moment In A Moment

A Poem by Devi DM

The Meeting The Meeting

A Chapter by Sanhorsey

Ether Ether

A Story by Philip Muls

Demon Demon

A Story by Aurafiex

Penance Penance

A Story by Aurafiex

Elsa Maria Elsa Maria

A Story by Aurafiex

Genesis Genesis

A Poem by Nightfeather

Neo's Quest Neo's Quest

A Story by Aurafiex

Dark Bargain Dark Bargain

A Story by Aurafiex

Letters to Rachel Letters to Rachel

A Story by Mira

Kaede Kaede

A Story by Aurafiex

Salvation Salvation

A Story by Aurafiex

Shapeshifter Shapeshifter

A Story by Aurafiex

Age Age

A Poem by Owen Aldin

Idol Idol

A Story by Aurafiex

"Cool Guy" "Cool Guy"

A Poem by richieb

Trapped Trapped

A Poem by Serenityy

Old Lulluby Old Lulluby

A Story by Kezia

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In A Moment

In A Moment

A Poem by Devi DM

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Miles W.

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