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Hi/first work

2 Years Ago

Hello everyone, I am new here. Not really sure what to say that hasn't already been said ten thousand times before. With nothing much to really say I suppose I will just submit my first writing attempt.

Eternal Kiss

I had just turned 21 and was having a girls night out. It hadn't quiet turned out the way I had hoped it would. The weather was terrible, wind howling and the rain was relentless but some how it was beautiful against the electrified sky. My dress was not suitable for the weather but it was perfect for setting a man's basic carnal instincts ablaze.
My little red dress hugged my breasts so tightly I felt as if they may pop, it sensually flowed down and slid around my hips as if it were a second skin.
I carefully stepped out of the limo and raced to the awning of the night club to get out of the rain, which was not easy in three inch heels. "Beautiful night isn't it." A man spoke. When I turned towards the voice, I thought my heart would explode. He was tall, maybe six two or six three, his eyes was like blue fire, the way his hair seemed to float in the wind and contrast so aggressively against his much lighter skin. His voice was so soothing and enigmatic, my mind raced away with carnal sins that would make the devil himself blush.
The man methodically, confidently walked toward me as he finished his cigarette and tossed it into the storm, "Are you okay miss?" His voice was like an echoed muffle against my ears as infernal sexual sin enveloped every part of me, leaving me lost in an alternate reality. Suddenly I was startled as my two friends joined me, wild and just drunk enough to be elite seductresses. The heat, music, and smell of sex hit us like a breath of life as we entered the club. The music was pulsing with a life of its own, the alcohol saturated the air with a sweet fragrance, and sweat was pungent in the air creating the perfect mix for us to find a good time. We sat in the VIP section taking stock of all the potential on the floor as we began doing shots. Since we were young and felt invincible we always partied reckless since we were fourteen, always started with a shot of whisky, rum, and tequila. 
As we loosened up and common sense sailed away we hit the dance floor. I slowly rubbed my a*s against my friend's crotch, pulling her hands to my waist, encouraging her to act as if she were f*****g me. I turned and embraced her,I pulled her close and ran my hands around her curves, putting on a show for all the men. I slowly opened my mouth as she neared, our lips met with passion ,she tasted so good. The feeling of her tongue in my mouth turned me on so much. As we stood on the dance floor making out, I firmly cupped her a*s in my hands as we slowly moved to the music. I felt the alcohol starting to take full affect as the song ended and we exited the dance floor. To no surprise I found my home at the bar once again, I ordered another drink and saw him once again.
There he was, the sexual trance inducing god from outside. With a severe phobia of getting rejected, I moved toward him through the crown as I consumed my liquid courage. As another pulse driving song began playing I took the man by the arm and pulled him aside.
"Well there goes my shot." He said as we entered the closest hallway, "I was hoping to have a dance and maybe a little fun later but I see I am of the wrong gender." I convinced him it was just an innocent kiss, one that made me quiver and want to throw my friend to the floor and f**k the hell out of her.
We shared a few more drinks and talked, after an hour or so I finally grabbed his hand and led him outside. I attacked him with kisses pushing him against the club wall as we made out. We worked our way around to the side away from the street and I unzipped his pants and caressed his hardening penis with my hands as I began to place my lips around its head and take it into my mouth.
The rain was pouring all around, encouraged by a steady, relentless, and muffled music coming from the club I forced him as far as I could into my throat. As lightening sparked the sky I could see the pleasure in his eyes. He pulled me up and threw me against the wall assaulting me with passion fuelled kisses, as he kissed me he also seemed to have a somewhat guttural growl deep inside. He was removing the walls that kept my sexual beast contained, he ran his hand up my dress and removed my panties. His fingers danced across my body as if they were ten sexual gods pleasing me at the same time.
He spun me around and bent me over as he slid his penis inside me, careful at first but then a raging sexual beast took over.
He fucked me hard, so hard I was starting to hurt but I didn't mind and begged for more. Spun me around, kissed me and picked me up and pushed his penis deep inside me again. Holding me against the wet, cold club wall he forced himself deep inside me. He went deeper than any man had been before, the ecstasy that was coursing through me let my mind take over. My legs wrapped tightly around him, my arms around his neck as he thrust deep and deeper. He was f*****g me like a god.
I kissed his neck, biting down slightly as he moaned harder, at his instruction I forced my teeth closed so hard they tore open his flesh. I felt a slight pain in my neck but let it pass as a massive orgasm swept over me, my grip tightened, my breath shortened then a loud pleasure filled ecstasy driven scream escaped my lips as something warm flowed down my neck. As the orgasm passed and he retreated from me, I slowly forced my still quivering hand to my neck. I forced my still quivering arm to my neck where I felt two holes on my neck. I slowly fell to the dirty ally, I felt paralysed, dirty, and intrigued.  I passed out in a panic driven paradise as I realized I had just been given the eternal kiss.