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When I went again into writing section. I saw it there is lot of work unread and without reviews . Actually so many great writing and no one can see that. So I decided to make one special group for people who feel nobody really cares about they writing. This group will provide that. Just post your poem or chapter and I will give you review fast how I can. Thank you Broken English P. S.

Since I am here about 5 years. I can see so many good writers and poets left our side. One of the reason is not everyone get review here. Not everyone is really welcome here. I want make this group like welcoming group where everyone meet and review each other . I know there is lot of groups what they actually not works. Writers caffee need something more then review for review . We need really start to care about each other and special about new people who will come here. I will try my best to give review to everyone no matter if i like that writing or not . I am really feed up with old members who give review to each other and don't care about rest.

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