Wake up Your A*s is on Fire


Quirky, radical, insighful, fun, funny, moving and inspirational essays, poems, memiors, anecdotes, articles, stories, scripts, top ten lists, jokes, quotes, word-art and images of concience and conciousness with new age, ecological, political, economic, spiritual and technological themes aimed at shaking people from thier mass-media, mass-consumption induced slumber.

Note: this is not a negative creepfest about everything thats screwed-up with the world, however, sprinklings of well-crafted dark sarcasm to make your point is fine.

Essentially it's about ditching the step-on-your-granny-for-a-bargain-sweatshop-sale-item-attitude of our modern industrial age, and finding constructive heart-felt inspiration for moving humanity foward and bringing about more harmony with the planet and each other in the process.

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