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When it Became Real.

1 Year Ago

 I Think this is the part where i leave you, where i say you were nothing i didn't need you.
Where i mask my emotions and say i hate you. where i mistake it for anger because i was late to take it back.
where i do things on impulse, like throw some hurtful insults. 
where i Scream, Shout, Punch, and Throw things. Where i take the promise ring you gave me and damn it Damn it all. 
Where i break down on my knees and you try to comfort me. Where i push you away and tell you to stay away.

But none of this happens. 

The truth is where i just walk away. Shatter some where were I"m alone. 
Where you would keep calling and i don"t pick up my phone. 
Where i have thoughts way back where our memories fade deep in my mind.
Where i don't see the stars anymore and ask myself am i still alive.
Cry i all I do
I Tell myself i'll find someone like you
But all i ever wanted was you
She was beautiful But i was too.
When i close my eyes i'm away from it all But in the end it was my Fault.  
I became obsessed and i let myself Fall.