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Would really love some reviews!

1 Year Ago

Isabella awoke to see her ecstatic younger sister jumping up and down on her bed. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY," she screeched at the top of her lungs as she bounced up and down. "Get up lazybones, mom and dad are waiting for you in the kitchen." Isabella rubbed her eyes as she gave her sister a sleepy smile. Her sleepy smile turned mischievous as she shot up and pulled her sister down beside her where she began tickling her mercilessly. Amara squealed with laughter and begged her sister to relent. Isabella acquiesced to her sisters request and stared at her with admiration. Amara's green eyes were shining with tears from laughing so hard. Her red hair was splayed out on the bed beneath her small frame. Amara's resemblence to her own was uncanny, No one could ever doubt they were sisters. Some believed the two girls to be twins. Amara playfully nudged Isabella in the rib cage. "Come on!" she squealed. "Your breakfast is getting cold!!" Isabella told Amara to go tell their parents she would join them shortly. Isabella hopped out of her bed as her sister ran out of her bedroom humming. She grabbed the navy dress that she had picked out the night before and headed to the bathroom. She slipped into the dress and regarded herself in the mirror. The dress was sleeveless and had a bow wrapped around her thin waste. The dress fell just below her knees and had a bit of an open back. The dress brought out her blue eyes and clashed magnificently with her fire red hair. She tried to tame her wavy hair in the mirror. "That will have to do", she thought as her hair hung in waves halfway down her backside. She hurried out the bathroom and slipped on her favorite knee-high black boots before exiting her room to join the rest of her family in the kitchen. She walked down the narrow hallway into the kitchen where her family greeted her with a smile and the lyrics of happy birthday. "Happy eighteenth!" said her mother and father sweetly when they had finished the tune. She looked around the cozy kitchen and saw her mother had prepared a feast for breakfast. There were bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, pancakes, hash browns, and grits laid out on the dining room table. "Mom you've outdone yourself. There is no way i'm going to be able to eat a third of this," she said. Her mother's blue eyes were shining with pride as she responded "Well I had to do something special. It's not everyday your daughter turns eighteen. I mean you are a young woman now." Her father ran impatient fingers through his blazing red hair. "Can we eat now? I'm starving waiting on slowpoke here to join us." Amara and Isabella giggled at their fathers jab. They all sat down and began piling there plates high with the delicious cuisine. The kitchen table was filled with conversation and laughter and talk of plans for the day. Isabella was halfway through her breakfast when there was a huge BOOM! Isabella grabbed Amara and darted underneath the table as her parents started towards the source of the noise. The minutes passed as they waited on their parents to return. Isabella held Amara close to her stroking her hair until she heard her mother's scream. "Amara stay here and don't move. I'm going to go check on our parents" she said as she tried to shake Amara's grasp. "No! Please don't leave me alone." her sister pleaded with her. Isabella squirmed out of her grasp and kissed her cheek. "I will be right back. I promise." Isabella moved quietly down the narrow hallway towards the sounds of muffled voices. As she got closer she could hear her mother sobbing. Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw as she peeked her head into the living room. She screamed as she saw her mother crying over her father who was sprawled on the floor in a pool of crimson. Standing around her father were several men in armor. Tears streamed  down her face as she raced toward her father. Before she was halfway there a pair of rugged hands grabbed her around her waist and she was hoisted into the air against her will.  Her mother cried out as she struggled against the pair of hands. The more she tried to kick free the tighter the persons grip became around her until she felt like she couldn't breathe. "Well,Well,Well looks like we have a fighter here boys," said a raspy voice. Isabella stopped struggling to stare at the man who was now in front of her just inches away. She watched his beady black eyes run up and down her. Her stomach churned with disgust as he continued to take her in before he finally spoke again. "I think this one will please the master. Hands off lads! You know the master likes his merchandise untouched" he said with a twisted smile. She heard a chuckle from her captor behind her. "Hey boss. Before I load this one off, what are we going to do with her," he said with a nod towards Isabella's mother. The man with the beady eyes looked over at the woman still sobbing over her dead husband. "Well the b***h is too old for the master. I guess you gents can have your way with her if you like. Then kill her." At these words Isabella began screaming as she started twisting and turning as fiercely as she could to try and throw her captor. "A little help here please," called the man detaining her. Another man in armor walked over to her with his sword drawn. She didn't care if he used it on her. She had to get free and save her mother from what these horrible men were going to do to her. That's the last thought she remembered before everything went black.