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Re: Willing to review anything!

3 Months Ago

Hi All,

Just joined this site recently. I'd be really grateful for any reviews of the first chapter of my book 'A Fallen Angel'.

I'll happily give reviews in return.



Re: Willing to review anything!

1 Week Ago

Hi! I would like you to review two stories of mine. I already posted them on my profile. Should I message them to you? Please let me know whatever is convinient for you. Thank you! :)

Re: Willing to review anything!

1 Week Ago

Would you mind having a look at this - it's my first attempt and still a bit rough around the edges.

Abandon your well worn feet and climb the red bracken hills again. 
Grant freedom to faded steely eyes to dance across all the land behind you.
A life fashioned by you and God's steady hand.

Hold on!Hold on!but not too tightly now
No Cossacks here to rush you along
Plod away take your time. One by one sever the ties that hold you dear
That anchor you to life.

Oh fragile soul
Shells trod over time; sand that slips away too quickly.
You let go and I am left. Alone . Waiting for a breath.
You let go and I am waiting.

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