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Just a good 'ole group for the people of Weirdverse to share their writing with and give feedback to each other.

Just come here and hang out with your fellow writers. Although this was inspired by Andrew's writer's club within the Lounge, they're not directly associated. If you want to write the prompts he posts onto the Lounge, you should post those to the Google Drive that he links to the posts. You can post them here, too, if you want, but that's not the point of this group. Here, you can just post any writing you've done that you want to share with others and hopefully get feedback on. If you're planning to be an active member posting your writing here, please try to read and review other people's stuff, too. I can't make you, but if you don't read and review other people's stuff, you can't really expect them to want to read and review yours.

Rules here are more or less just don't be a dick. This is a place to post your writing to hopefully get feedback from other writers, and I want it to be a welcoming place. Some of the best writing is about controversial issues, so I won't say don't post anything here that hits on sensitive subjects, but don't post anything that's intentionally inflammatory. Exploring difficult concepts is fine; pressing buttons isn't. That being said, everyone should additionally be warned that sensitive topics are fair game. I don't anticipate a lot of trauma-inducing stories, so I don't think anyone should get too concerned; but just know that people can potentially post things that might make you uncomfortable. If it becomes an issue, I'll address it, but hopefully I won't have to.

Additionally, when giving feedback, be constructive. I don't care if you think something in here is the worst thing you've ever read. Don't bash anything just for the sake of bashing it (unless it breaks the rule about being intentionally inflammatory; then I don't care). Make suggestions, but don't be harsh. Writers have feelings, too.

That all being said, get writing.

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