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Introduction, novel

1 Year Ago

Good day everyone :)

I am thoroughly happy to see such a writing community as such, as I have been on quite the search to find a coherent set of writers. I have posted the prologue to a very, very, very lengthy story in which I wish to commit a great deal of my time into manifesting. I have been roaming as of late through all of your own pieces and have enjoyed every last one of them. 

I will put it short and simple. The novel I have is a play on of fantasy and sci-fi, mixed in an interesting cocktail that involves complex political tensions, galactic economics, religion and crusades and the desire to spread faith and accomplish meaning within the universe, and the ever growing goal to "perform the work of God" as a kind of end goal for the story. There are ample surprises and twists and turns I have planned, and it is indeed a very graphic novel, but I do hope you enjoy it. I have posted only the prologue and a sample chapter that involves a graphic sex scene, so that you can understand the kind of culture I wish to convey. Thank you and have a wonderful day :)