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Stage Fright

1 Year Ago

A small child caged on the inside of a man's heart, where courage is stored
Ignored for his loose dreaming but seemingly afraid to soar
Fragile and fragmented passed reform
Self-efficacy stuffed away to appeal to common foes
Fear taints the soul of a righteous man and leaves standing the unknown
He folds to uncertainty and grows from that stained mold
He stands bold but the boy on the inside cries and moans
Once or twice he proves himself wrong
He runs through phases of opportunity but halts when challenge is an enemy
The walls are broken at the expense of openness
As he crawled he was torn and left in pieces
He adores change and feeds off of unrealistic approach
His caged character refuses to live
Fear is exposed and despised as time goes by
After a glimpse, he walks away with another day of strength
He found out that fear is a liar

Re: Stage Fright

1 Year Ago

Very inspirational