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Worn Shoes

1 Year Ago

These feet were once defeated
I ran through these worn shoes and the streets agreed my light was depleted
Seasons of rain captured my pain which represented my soles were weakened
My worn shoes ripped in different places
Stripped from the inside out, no grip so I slipped at times
Drifted away to maintain balance
Some days were a case of unused talent
Dirty concrete floors, unfinished paint, youngsters running the corner so how you lived became a habit
Two quarter juices with aluminum foil tops, out-of-tune music from cars with no shocks
These worn shoes stood at the gate of the city where pretty girls played with momma's pearls and watched cops and robbers rock the doorways of the projects
Dice rolling bad boys to hardworking handymen
I grew up dreaming of a way to break free
Grace came and replaced my laces so I walk to a new beat