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Posted on 15.2.2014
Hello everybody,
My proposal seems not to be so lucky, however, I have received messages from two brave fellows. This is enough to me to start this foolish travel in the feminine world.
The first message I received is from a boy who would be happy to understand what every woman thinks about every man (wow, how difficult!!):

"I was walking alone, down the road, when I realized I had to be honest, I had to tell him everything. I turned around and rapidly ran back to him. I strongly knocked on his door ... " [ Adriano ]
Another friend send me few, important words. Strong words, that reached my heart. Words that talk about something I am far but near in this very moment of my life. Even if it confused me a bit, I find these words suitable as starting point for this female and folly travel:

"I hadn't say anything to anyone. Alone, I went to the oncologist. He told me all sort of things I hoped not to have to hear from, nor I was ready to listen to. I could not understand ... understand? Do you really think it's easy to understand? Do you think it is normal to understand? that day, for the first time, I understood Life. I began to appreciate material life. I understood: I had not to be afraid of fear. I went back home. Watching my three children . . . . 5 years girl, 9 years boy, 13 years girl. I became a mother at the age of 30. I sat on the floor, playing with my kids and waited the arrival of my husband. I waited without shedding a tear."
Let's see if we can find some other brave fellow sending us another step of this story, putting his grain. In the meanwhile, very important, I think we have to try to understand who this woman is. What's her name? For sure she is 43 years old and probably affected by cancer, but what kind? Where does she live? Work? Her children's name? Her husband?
Thanks Sandra to share with us these words (maybe a bit strong for a nonsense like this, probably. But never known, maybe will close happily).
Here the links for previous posts in Italian and Spanish:
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Posted on 10.2.2014
Hello to everybody,
this time I'm here to share with you a crazy idea, a game, a worldly Woman tale.
One thing that probably will take your time, but maybe it will permit to say something about Women, to Women, for Women.
The game is simple, I will soon write here an incipit from which we can start to invent this magic, worldly Woman tale. I wonder every woman participate by adding something to the character and to the incipit.
I will try to put the puzles together, in order, possibly giving it a common sense.
When there will be a good number of contributions and the story will have a beginning, an accident, an incredible solution and an end, I will turn it into a free e-book with the names of all the authors.
I would like to realize a book that gives voice to the Women.
There is no winner in this game, but surely there will be a great Woman voice in the world.

The idea arrived to me from a book" A walk with Mr Gladstone" by Roy Lewis. England, the four times Prime Minister Gladstone had a pious mission. To lure prostitutes with the intention of Save them from their life. With the help of his wife, they used to insert these unlucky women in some nurseries where someone could take care of them. But more otherworldly.
One night, Mr Gladstone, during one of his pious walk, met Walter (pseudonym of the author of a scandalous autobiography of the Victorian period, My Secret Life). The 'pious' mission of Walter, however, was very physical and very organic.
Walter presents Cora Pearl (courtesan, mistress of Napoleon III and muse of Zola) to the benefactor ,the four times British Prime Minister Mr Gladstone. What will happen?
It is a very cute book.
What attracted my interest was the encounter between these two characters, perhaps with the same psychological character but with opposing goals.

This description of a prostitute by the two men is completely different, yet they speak of the same thing.
Maybe how you live your experience in the world depends on how you see and listen to it?

But the prostitute is only a pre-text to speak of a middle class bigot who saves the soul with pious acts and a lusty middle class that saves the souls of these women, simply by having fun. People living in the same land, or Earth, and reflect different worlds by talking about the same thing.

My idea is to give voice to the different way of beeing of a Woman (fragility, physically stronger in front of the diseases but weaker compared to the male physic, mother with pain, with renunciation and sacrifice, they smile and work, cook and cleaning, and tell stories and ... they provides for the future and tries to prevent it giving each member of the family ,a decent place to live until the end, while trying dignity largely reserved for men.
But there are also women who lead their lives as if they were men, I am not talking about homosexuality, I'm talking about women who can not tolerate the fragility of other women, do not want to share the sacrifices of other women, they do not share - or do not know, or do not understand - and they live as if they were men.
During the next days, hoping you Women will participate in a great number, I will look for the incipit.
If in the meantime someone has to propose an interesting incipit I'd be glad to share it up.

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