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ven snow.
Mrs. Dodd sighed; then suddenly turning on Alfred,asked him,Did the sailor tell you that?
He hesitated a moment and was lost.
You have seen him,she screamed; he is in London: he is in the house. I feel him near me: and she went into something very like hysterics. Alfred was alarmed,and whispered the truth. The doctor sent him off to meet them,and recommended caution; her nerves were in such a state a violent shock,even of happiness,might kill her.
Thus warned,Julia came into the room alone,and while Dr. Sampson was inculcating self-restraint for her own sake,she listened with a superior smile,and took quite a different line. Mamma,said she,he is in the town; but I dare not bring him here till you are composed: his reason is restored; but his nerves are not so strong as they were. Now,if you agitate yourself,you will agitate him,and will do him a serious mischief.
This crafty speech produced an incredible effect on Mrs. Dodd. It calmed her directly: or rather her great love gave her strength to be calm. I will not be such a wretch,she said. See: I am composed,quite composed. Bring me my darling,and you shall see how good I will be: there now,Julia,see how calm I am,quite calm. What,have I borne so much misery,with Heaven's help,and do you think I cannot bear this great happiness for my dear darling's sake?
On this they proposed she should retire to her room,and they would go for David.
Think over the meeting,dear,dear mamma,said Julia,and then you will behave well for his sake,who was lost to us and is found.
Husband and wife met alone in Mrs. Dodd's room. No eye,even of the children,ventured to witness a scene so strange,so sacred. We may try and imagine that meeting; but few of us can conceive it by the light of our narrow experience. Yet one or two there may be-the world is wide,and the adventures and emotions of our race are many.
One by one all were had up to that sacred room to talk to the happy pair. They found David seated calmly at his wife's feet,her soft hand laid on his white hair,lest he should leave her again: and they told him all the sorrow behind them; and he,genial and kindly as ever,told them all the happiness before them. He spoke like the master of the house,the father of the family,the friend of them all.
But with all his goodness he was sternly resolved to have his L. 14,000 out of Richard Hardie. He had an interview with Mr. Compton that very night,and the lawyer wrote a letter to Mr. Hardie,saying nothing about the death of Skinner,but notifying that his client,Captain Dodd,had recovered from Noah Skinner the receipt No. 17 for L. 14,010 12s. 6d,and he was instructed to sue for it unless repaid immediately. He added Captain Dodd was mercifully restored,and remembered distinctly every particular of the transaction.
They all thought in their innocence that Hardie v. Hardie was now at an end. Captain Dodd could prove Alfred's soi-disant illusion to be the simple truth. But Compton thought that this evidence had come too late. What,acheter lunettes oakley pas cher may we not get up and say here is papa,and it

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