If you decide to buy, and use one of these products (even after knowing the side effects associated with use), Beard Czar you should try to do it in the safest way, trying to reduce risks to a minimum.

The first thing you should do, once you have the product in your hands, it is to perform a "test of allergy-sensitivity"; since many of these products can cause irritation of the skin, and prevention is better: you place a small amount of the product (which can take two fingers), Beard Czar which usually comes in liquid or gel form, and apply it on the part inside of your arm (the lightest part where not get the sun), and leave it there for the child 24 hours.
If past these 24 hours notice any kind of irritation (burning, red skin, itching, swollen skin), not you must use the product; since you are most likely allergic to any of the active ingredients it contains. Look at Figure 2.

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