And how profound effect he can have not only on your physiology with regard to your physique but also your internal physiology and the way things function it is vitally important and so they’re always to increase it more weight also doing stuff like breeding squats those 20 reps what everyone does the widow makers super affected were in a hurry nevergonna put him through our those I videos another really easy way to freeze for a foul on is to sleep more sleep is primarily are rather growth hormone is primarily produced when you're in RAM sleep the final thing that we want to consider is intermittent fasting is really just not meeting in fact we're both doing it right now periods of fasting about 16 hours or more I have been shown when you fast you actually increase growth hormone because insulin again is an antagonized to growth Nutra Tosterone hormone so what happens this is this is the schedule most people on the go to sleep they have a company press as soon as you increase insulin production great any production .

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