How does meditation help?
Meditation helps us see things before we
even think of doing them, because we are
busy observing our thoughts. We are many
steps ahead, because we are not only looking
at the action or the immediate phase before
an action is taken, we are already observing
ourselves when we are in a state of intention.
tuning our intentions. We ask, “Should I have
such intentions in my heart?” and our heart
before it happens.
Meditation helps you evaluate whether
if you do this, or will it go bad? So when you
meditate you are able to have a clearer picture.
That is the reason we are able to maintain an
introspective process.
what is not important. The heart speaks louder
than anything when we are listening to it. The
more we listen, the more it guides us in the right
are you doing with closed eyes?” but you are able
to see things clearly with closed eyes, including
to see your intentions and clear them properly,
so that we can all support each other

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