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About Me

well heck,.. what to say... I guess I should start with my looks right, that is what people tend to notice first in others. So here goes: I'm a guy, 20, white, skinny, height between 5'2 and 5'5 I think... Haven't checked since I was like sixteen, don't remember what it was then either. I have green eyes, (nine times out of ten, they tend to switch colors on me) long brown hair, a goatee; imagine your stereotypical skate punk/drug dealer and you've got a good picture of how I look. (Note: I am too boring and lazy to do either drug dealing or skating. Fan of them both, ok, not drug dealers but I don't have anything against drugs being dealt... not that I use anything, again too lazy... I guess I don't care sums it all up nicely)

I get along well with everyone. I don't think I've ever really had an enemy or anyone that disliked me. Which isn't to say I haven't been in fights or been pissed off at people or had them pissed of at me, just nothing that lasted.

I love haiku and have been studying the form for the last two years. Other than that most of my writing is freestyle. I do plan on studying and trying as many different forms as I can in the years to come though, as the saying goes: "You never know if you like something till you try it."

Huge fan of group poetry and I've been writing Renga in and out of different online groups for a little over a year now I think. It's a shame there's only two named forms of group poetry anyway, (Renga and exquisite Corpse respectively) I hope that's just my failure to properly find the others. Secretly it's a goal of mine to try and create my own group poem form. (Still has a long and exhausting way to go)

I write poetry, (obv.) shorts, prose, been working on a novel with my father; don't have any plans on doing one by myself. Never was good with long stories and just don't generally have the patience to stick with a character/characters.

Oh, one last thing about my writing: I sometimes swear/use violence/very unlikeable things/a lot of things that offend, and I do it all in excess in the pieces that I do use it in. I don't do it regularly, (I hope not anyway) but I do write that way off and on. So please know I don't write it to offend I write it to express and to try knew perspectives.

I try to be as constructive in my feedback as possible. Sometimes I'm not and I'm not gonna lie and say I am all the time: Just know that if I took the time to comment at all I must have enjoyed reading it. Even if all I say is I enjoyed it or I thought it was fantastic or amazing; I know that's not always what you want to hear but for me it always means I couldn't find anything I would change with the piece and really did enjoy it-I don't comment on pieces I don't enjoy, (Why would you?) so for one reason or another your piece caught my attention and I didn't regret that it did. That's all anyone really wants to know about their writing anyway right?


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Posted 5 Years Ago

Not at all, looking forward to reading more when you add them :)

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Posted 5 Years Ago

hi thank you for reviewing my poems very much appreciated.... :))