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About Me

I keep my writing list short, a dozen poems. As I write new stuff, I delete old stuff because while I enjoy sharing that which has gotten more feedback, I'd rather the community focus on my newer work so that I can get feedback on that.

Having said that....

I believe in the idea that once you strip away all the big themes - love, hate, fear, peace, war and everything that we think makes the world function as it does, we are left with only two things: The mundane, the perfectly ordinary which never abandons us; and the idea that we are made of star stuff - we are part of the cosmic whole and in the end our singular existence is just, as Carl Sagan so eloquently put it, another way for the Universe to know itself. If we do not examine our part of the history of everything and take the time to feel the cosmos as a larger self, then we are missing the point entirely.

I love that poetry can be interpreted so many ways, and I am one that likes to take advantage of this. When reading my things, keep in mind that I may be alluding to my point, to the real subject, but also I am often very literal in my use of language. I love that different people can take away different ideas, lessons, and stories from a single piece of work.

So...with that in mind, enjoy!


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Posted 2 Years Ago

Miss your writing!