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Literary Magazines : The Ethereal Gazette

The Ethereal Gazette

The Ethereal Gazette
Joliet, IL

Circulation: 900
Issues Per Year: 2
Manuscripts Per Issue: 14-19
New Writers Per Year: varies
Payment Type: $35 Editor's Choice For Fiction, $25 Creative Nonfiction


All right ladies and germs, the guidelines for The Ethereal Gazette are up on for the details what I want -- I have prompts for the nightmare submissions. Read the guidelines carefully to see what I allow and will not allow this magazine. Erotic content of any kind is not allowed, and you better not be a f****t with you submission and if you call me a retard you are not published. Or if you call me by short name with a "y" at the end either in your query. This magazine has a heavy metal background and if you have spotify you can look up my spotify by going to I take submissions via e-mail and I have special instructions for each part of the magazine.

Submission Information

  • Biography & Memoir
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Horror
  • Metafiction
  • Novella
  • Science Fiction

Submission Methods
  • Accepts Simultaneous Queries
  • Accepts Email Queries

Average Story Length: 2400-19,000
Story Length Limit: 19,000


Response Times
Queries: a few days
Manuscripts: a week

Additional Information
Spicy Tranny? whoever is suggesting that link can go fuck themselves, fucking shemale.

Contact Information

Nickolaus Pacione

Post Office Box 431
Joliet, IL 60434