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Mai L Nissen


summer :D

Odense, Region Syddanmark, Denmark
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About Me

I am 30 years old, a graduate student from Denmark, studying English (literature, history, linguistics) and Scientific Study of Religion.

If you wish to befriend me, I would like you to read some of my stuff beforehand, so you have an idea of who I am; review a piece so that we can get a feel of each other.

What ought the purpose of this blog be?
A space, in which my mind is set free,
No constraints of material responsibilities,
nor restricted by physical vulnerabilities;
A space, I can leave my heart open and bare,
to calmly breathe in uncontaminated air;
Where my thoughts may safely fly and unfold
and strengthen my voice to slowly grow bold.

I have always liked expressing myself through writing, however, it has been increasingly difficult to find the time to do so over the past ten years. I have missed writing and hope to find more time to do so.

My own expression and form is rather random and at times chaotic, so I welcome any constructive criticism from those who can be bothered. In turn I am also happy to comment and share opinions in a constructive manner. Should be noted that I tend to state the obvious, when explaining my appreciation for the works of others - I sometimes become a bit enthusiastic, and I generally appreciate the little things... Furthermore, I wish to see, if this is in fact what the writer had in mind at the time of production... (or maybe I am just surprised by my ability to identify the obvious; and therefore I am absurdly impressed and proud every time it happens ;) Ha ha... or something equally ridiculous). However, I try to be honest.

A lot of what I write may seem rather gloomy, as I tend to use writing as a way of getting rid of the gloominess inside and throw it onto the paper instead.

I am diagnosed with depression and recently OCD (which is kind of funny, since it was much more dominant during my childhood). Anyway, some of my poetry will obviously reflect this.

Facts about depression and severe stress disorders:
The brain's neurotransmitters, Serotonin and noradrenalin, are out of balance. An increased level of stress hormones cannot be tempered by the hippocampus, which for long term or severe depression equals risk of the brain shrinking. The hippocampus, the part of the brain that suppress stressful conditions, does not function. The body is therefore constantly on high alert. If medicated correctly, the damages of the brain can slowly repair itself. However, if you go without treatment for too long, the damage will be permanent.

mistakes in spelling and grammar will occur, as I sometimes lose my head somewhere along the way :)


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Posted 2 Years Ago

I may be leaving. A fellow here (TKLittle) has threatened me. He alleged that I posted a review on Ana Sophias poem "It Happened" with a score of 1. How would he know unless our scores and reviews are constantly monitored on here. He said that had severely affected the rating (and hence popularity) of said poem by said writer. That is not true. I posted 100 and a fine review. Ana Sophia deleted it. Then this guy got in touch. He told me there are 7 writers here who look out for one another and that I will have my name blackened by all 7 secret members. So this has become a site that isnt worth being on anyway. I will be contacting all advertisers on this site to inform them of the type of site their products are being associated with.

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Posted 3 Years Ago

Read "At an impasse" by Geca
unbelievable, this girl can write her little a*s off!

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Posted 3 Years Ago

:D Amazing!! Yes, in this busy routine of our, it becomes difficult to take out time for writing.. But nevertheless... I utilize all the free time I can get!!!