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About Me

im a 26 yo observer of this thing called existence. i don't write, but i saw this web site and i haven't written since i was a teenager when my dad burnt ALL of my journals and drawings in huge fire in the back yard.i never was interested in reading and graduated hs at 15 with a 3.8 gpa, im married and have a 2 yo boy, i spent alot of time on and off in different monasteries and churches growing up just to realize there's a thing called observation and rational thinking which makes way more sense to me which is part of the reason i don't believe what YOU believe.
i don't enjoy reading because i have my own thoughts and understandings that are very hard to communicate too anyone. and i only find quantum physics and mechanics and pretty much anything with a decent logic base too it interesting. i smoke alot of weed but its never harmed my life, i have a nice 3 bd rm house and it doesn't seem very hard to acquire the things in life your supposed too, although i was homeless for a few years and i do respect the ownership of some of life's amenities, lets see you go two months without a shower and broken bones blacking out because you are anemic and nobody gives a f**k while you are almost dead. and no i didn't smoke or drink the years i was homeless because i was walking from monastery too monastery......i just realized i should stop here because its really long description and im brutally honest, i f*****g hurt ppl without remorse in everyday life because f**k people and their self security through lying...i will continue book style perhaps