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Bagwyn Books

Bagwyn Books
Tempe, AZ

Books Per Year: 4
Publishes Hardcover Books: Yes
Publishes Paperback Books: Yes
Publishes E-Books: Yes
Average Royalty: 10% of list price %
Average Advance: 1K
Time to Publication: 6-12 months


The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies has formed an imprint subsidiary to publish historical fiction centered in the medieval and Renaissance periods. Founded in 2011, Bagwyn Books is dedicated to publishing well-researched historical fiction novels that are appropriate for an audience ranging from young adult (ages 14+) to an adult audience. We are open to different styles and genres of writing.

Created to give lovers of the medieval and Renaissance eras an opportunity to express their creativity in fiction, Bagwyn Books is a history-lover's dream. Bagwyn Books invites the submission of proposals for book-length fiction manuscripts from new, emerging, and established authors. Priority will be given to works centering on or connected to the medieval and Renaissance periods (400 C.E. to 1700 C.E.) but novels from all eras are welcome.

Submission Information

  • Adventure
  • Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • History (Nonfiction)
  • Journal
  • Literary Fiction
  • Mystery, Suspense & Thriller
  • Novella
  • Teen & Young Adult

Submission Methods
  • Accepts Unsolicited Manuscripts
  • Accepts Simultaneous Queries
  • Accepts Email Queries

  • SASE
  • Cover Letter
  • 1 Page Synopsis
  • 1 Chapters
  • Manuscript
  • Word Count
  • Biography

Response Times
Queries: 3-5 Days
Manuscripts: 1-2 Months

Contact Information

Kendra TerBeek
Acquisitions Editor

P.O. Box 874402
Tempe, AZ 85287-4402

Phone: 480-965-8097
Fax 480-965-1681