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Library Tales Publishing
New York, NY

Books Per Year: 30
Publishes Hardcover Books: Yes
Publishes Paperback Books: Yes
Publishes E-Books: Yes
Time to Publication: 12-15 Months


Library Tales Publishing is an independent book publishing company founded in 2011. The company is focused on publishing, marketing and distributing self-help, memoirs and niche fiction books by qualified and talented authors. Our list of authors includes David Friedman, Arje Shaw, Steve Alpert, David Michael Slater, Frank Foster, Eric Sage, Rich Wickliffe, Jim Hamilton, among others. Our authors and books have been featured in national print, TV, and radio media, including Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda, Publishers Weekly, Fox News, Book TV Shows, The New York Review of Books, and others.

Currently releasing an average of 20-30 new titles every year, Library Tales Publishing was founded during the peak of the digital publishing revolution and one of its very first releases was a memoir on Kindle. Today, Library Tales Publishing has domestic and international distribution, film rights, and sales representation throughout the world and is heavily invested in digital and physical distribution channels; its editorial choices are motivated primarily by quality content and long-term relationship potential with its authors.

Recently, Library Tales Publishing began partnering up with independent film production and distribution companies, game manufacturers, app developers and product manufacturers to help its authors deliver their content in a wide array of merchandising channels, including films, DVDs, iPad apps and board games. In 2012, the company sold its film rights to The Thought Exchange by David Friedman. Presently, two more films are also in development. The company's use of merchandising rights is what makes it an in-house, all-inclusive book publisher, giving consumers new ways of reading and experiencing its titles and offering its authors new ways of reaching out to their potential customers.

Submission Information

  • Arts
  • Biography & Memoir
  • Business
  • Cooking
  • How-To
  • Humor & Satire
  • New Age
  • Nonfiction
  • Philosophy
  • Political
  • Pop Culture
  • Psychology
  • Self-Help
  • Sports
  • Supernatural & Occult
  • Teen & Young Adult
  • Travel
  • Women's & Feminist

Submission Methods
  • Accepts Unsolicited Manuscripts
  • Accepts Simultaneous Queries
  • Only Accepts Agented Submissions
  • Accepts Email Queries

  • Cover Letter
  • Outline
  • Synopsis
  • Proposal (nonfiction)
  • Biography

Response Times
Manuscripts: 30 Days

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Eddie Moore

511 6th Avenue #56
New York, NY 10011

Phone: 347-394-2629
Fax 917-463-0892