Chip Murison

Chip Murison


Sifting through the madness for the word, the line, the way.

Novato, CA
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About Me

Entrepreneur, vagabond, part time mystic, poet and writer. I currently own a natural mattress store in the Bay Area

My poetic style is heavily influenced by Charles Bukowski. I love his easy to read, blunt and gritty style. I also like Denis Johnson for the same reasons.

I was born in Brazil and my childhood sucked due to absentee parents and constant travel. I was deeply depressed from a young age and have had to deal with that most of my life.

I'm 63 now and have made peace with it but it was a long and painful journey.

In my 20s I dropped out of college and spent two years hitch hiking and consuming hallucinogens, followed by seeking gurus, living in communes and then fell off the edge around 25. Somehow I managed to not commit suicide. Therapy and medication helped me pull myself together - sort of.

I traveled from city to city and bounced around a lot of manual labor jobs until I saved enough money to start my own thing. I was a popular fashion jewelry designer in the 80s for about 15 years and made a ton of money... until I went bankrupt. Then I started a magazine, sold it, and now I own a natural mattress store in the Bay Area.

So, it's been... colorful. I have a lot to write about having seen life from the top and also from the gutter (literally). Plus writing is very therapeutic for me.

I have some book ideas and would like to get them out before I die. I only recently started writing poetry and have discovered I like it a lot.

I really appreciate reviews and I don''t mind constructive negative ones either. Sometimes those are the best actually. I take constructive criticism well.